Advanced Digital Solution Corp.

Head Office 4F Kashiwa Park building, 6-9-18, Kashiwa, Kashiwa-Shi, Chiba 277-0005, Japan TEL: +81-4-7160-2355 FAX: +81-4-7160-2356

Pigmalion project


Way to the Digital Museum

We provide high-end scanning and digitization services (specially designed for artworks and cultural heritage pieces).
Our comprehensive service includes (is designed for) preservation & repair, digital archiving, reproduction and replication.

Scanning Service

Overly large-sized photographic subject scanning according to scanning, an infrared (IR) image pick-up, and variable rail use business trip scanning and every length according to demand is also possible.


Image Processing

We provide the high-quality services of image stitching and color management for scanning images.


Contents Works

We create System Software for archiving, high-speed image browsing system, internet contents for disclosure on web site, and Research & Investigation. We have also developed digital display system and contents for 4K and FHD.

Brochure downloading

You can download the detailed brochure about "Pigmalion scanner" and contents from this.