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System for Parliament


Congress Station FHD: Total System for Parliamentary Procedures


 This is our high-definition parliamentary assembly distribution system. Using a real-time video monitor in the Parliament chamber, we display and record the remarks, debates, and other proceedings that take place on the Parliament floor. These same videos and images are then sent out to the various government ministries, branch government offices, and affiliate offices through high-definition TV, cable TV stations, and live broadcasts. We are also able to conduct live streaming via encoding. We can also insert camera operations and telops (Television Opaque Projector), as well as compose videos and images using a touch-screen panel. Furthermore, we are capable of performing all functions related to Parliamentary procedures, including controlling the microphones, conducting audio recordings, controlling video recording devices, displaying the remaining time for remarks, administering electronic ballot casting, etc.


Congress Station FHD議会運営トータルシステム